Stéphanie Hoekstra

What is our perception of the world around us? What do we experience as reality? And how does man relate to himself and to his surroundings?












Under Construction, 150 x 170 0lie, acryl & spuitverf op linnen

In my paintings I am looking for interaction between realistic fragments and blurred or unfinished parts. I want to immerse you in a story full of details, but in the end you realize you actually know very little. 

Inspired by feelings of distance, emptiness, displacement, confusion and vulnerability, this line of thought initially focussed on the intimate settings of which I was part. Fascinated by the contrast between external events and the inner perception. You are taken into experiences and at the same time you are the observer who only has access to his own mind. Over time the focus has partly shifted to anonymity, fueled by aspects as automation, individualism and haste.

Through the glass, 150 x 170 0lie, acryl & spuitverf op linnen